Myth Remote Control via Telnet Application - mrc

What is mrc ?

Linux Download mrc.tgz
Windows Download setup_mrc.exe
build-0.18: Update Layout for better look/usability under Linux
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MythTV Remote Control (mrc) is a small and very simple PythonCard Application that uses the Telnet Port of your MythTV Frontend to act as a graphical remote control.

How does it work ?

From release 0.19 of MythTV mythfrontend it is possible to remotely control your frontend via a simple telnet interface. mrc does this by connecting to tcp port 6546 of your frontend and sending commands one after the other.




mrc windows mrc linux




Linux / Unix (any platform that has python and Python Card)

Latest Version: Build 0.19


Latest Version: Build 0.19


Linux / Unix (any platform that has python and Python Card)

Unpack the downloaded files to any place, say to your home. Once unpacked change to the newly created directory and run the following command from your xterminal:


to start mrc.


Just run the downloaded setup and install to a path of your choice. The installer does not mess with any existing configuration of your system, it merely makes itself easily removable from add/remove software. That said, you can easily copy the directory from one pc to another without running setup.


0.17 Initial Release
0.18 Layout changes requested by Öystein Andersen
0.19 Caches last used frontend IP, change requested by Brendan Pike
0.19-lh Contributed Win32 executable from Alex Harrington as our 0.19 seems not to work (missing the Pythoncard Python module)



Alex Harrington contacted us as for him the download for Windows didn't work - we couldn't check this yet as we do not currently have access to a Windows machine. He kindly provided us with a 0.19-longhill Version which may run if our setup doesn't work for you:

Alex also provided his he used to build the above executable:

Thanks for your contribution Alex!


mrc is distributed with a BSD license. Do what you like as long as you give proper credits.


Please send feedback and questions to

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